From the horse's mouth.

From the horse's mouth.

In 2016, Stanford Campaigns helped break new ground for women

As we at Stanford Campaigns gear up for the 2017-2018 election cycle, we like to reflect on some of our successes from the previous cycle. We worked with many exciting candidates, several of whom won historic, hard-fought races. Stanford Campaigns is proud to have been a part of two glass ceiling-shattering elections in particular: Stephanie […]

OP-ED: No, Toni Preckwinkle Will Not Run For Mayor

(Chicago) – OP-ED: Listen up, Chicago press: It’s not going to happen. Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle is not going to run against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I know you all want her to. I saw Carol Marin’s sigh-filled plea for her to run and the Sun-Times anonymously quoting some idiot saying she might, just might, run, and Eric Zorn whining about Laura Washington whining about it and honestly you […]

OP-ED: Is It OK To Out Aaron Schock or Other Anti-Gay Politicians?

(Chicago) – OP-ED: Gather round, everyone! It’s time to play out the anti gay politician again! Republican congressman Aaron Schock — who represents Illinois’ 18th congressional district — is known for one thing: being pretty and probably-almost-certainly gay. Schock is anti-gay on the record and he’s frequently affirmed his straightness, but he may be feeling a gust of air thanks to a sledgehammer wielded […]

OP-ED: Chicago Progressive Aldermen Just Pissing Everyone Off

(Chicago) – OP-ED: A weird thing happened Wednesday in the Chicago City Council: an organized opposition party showed up. And people are kind of mad about it: Amid warnings of a return to Council Wars, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday snuffed out attempts by the City Council’s Progressive Caucus to force a vote on two stalled ordinances: […]

OP-ED: Illinois Redistricting Reform is a Silly Waste of Time

(Chicago) – OP-ED: The great tent revival known as redistricting reform has come back to Illinois. Like a tent revival, there’s a lot of excitement and preaching. There’s also prayer – which is the only way it’s going to pass here. Mostly there’s a lot of talking about various social ills that have nothing to do […]