These are some good people.

Our People

Jason StanfordJason Stanford

Named a Rising Star in Politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine in 2002, Jason Stanford founded Stanford Campaigns in 1997 with the late Tom Ryan.

Jason began working at the age of 14 as a sports writer for a weekly newspaper in Central Oregon. In high school, he produced and hosted a weekly radio show. A Russian major at Lewis & Clark College, Jason moved to Moscow in 1992 to finish his degree and stayed for two years, editing an English-language expatriate magazine and working as a researcher/reporter in the Los Angeles Times bureau. Read more »

Will CaskeyWill Caskey

Will always liked researching horrible people. He wanted to be a historian, and studied doomsday cults in early modern England at the University of Southern California. He even got a masters degree at the University of Chicago before he realized there was a lot more money in studying the doomsday cult known as the Republican Party.

As luck would have it, Will got into opposition research during the 2006 midterms, so his introduction to professional Democratic politics was a lot more optimistic than it might have been. He was so happy about it that he started his own firm in 2007, just in time for Obama to win, the world economy to implode and things to start to suck for Team D once again. Read more »

Rob EberhardtRob Eberhardt

Director of Research
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Sonia Van MeterSonia Van Meter

Managing Director
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Ramiro G. HinojosaRamiro G. Hinojosa

National Research Analyst
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